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We do not claim that any of the info on the site is real, legit, or has anything to deal with real estate. We do not claim that any property listing is still active, sold, under contract, or any other status. The Property or Listing Owner submits all information, not by Pixloo. We do not claim to be real estate agents, or anything that has to do with real estate agents, listings, homes, or anything else legally binding. Basically, we take a 100% neutral stance to anything legal that has to do with the site. We are not legally responsible for anything on the site. By using Pixloo.com and any other property that is owned by Pixloo you agree that you will not hold legally responsible for anything on the site.

We try to export your property to as many places as possible. We are not legally responsible to put up of take down ANY property at ANY time. We do our best to post your property to as many places that will get your property in front of millions of people. If at any time we are not able to export your virtual tour property to an MLS, website, social network, or any other website we are not legally responsible.

Free Account vs Subscription Account

Pixloo reserves the right to not allow anyone to use the site if they choose. We allow users to have ONE virtual tour for FREE. After that the user will be required to pay a monthly fee. Monthly fees range from $10/month up on our site. We do not require anyone to sign up for the paying accounts but do restrict access to non-paying customers. We also reserve the right at any time to cancel your account.

Copyrighted Photos On Pixloo

All photos uploaded to the Pixloo.com website and web properties are property of Pixloo. Any copyrighted photos that are uploaded to any of the Pixloo properties now belong to Pixloo. If a copyrighted photo of yours has been uploaded without your permission we suggest you contact the user and ask to have it taken down. If the uses does not take it down please contact our support team with the URL and we will do our best to get it taken down asap. We are not legally responsible for any copyrighted photos that are uploaded to our sites.

User Submitted Info

100% of the information on this site it submitted by users. Pixloo does not claim to produce data or mass upload data to the site. We rely on our users to help keep the site clean and free from anything that shouldn't be on the site. If you ever find a tour, photo, description, or anything on the site that is offensive please report them to our support team. Please have the URL of the specific property or listing.

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