You Can Sell Your Home Online, With Help From Pixloo

Anyone who has ever tried to sell anything at all online knows that it is a tough world.  It always seems like there is someone out there who has the same thing, but in better condition and for a better price.  Worse is when it seems like the really amazing thing that you have to sell is not actually very interesting for other people.  The same frustrations come up when it comes to selling your house online, except the stakes are higher.  As with selling anything online, a lack of success in selling your home is usually not because no one wants it, but because it was not marketed as well as it could have been.

The real estate market is tough.  This is why there is a whole profession dedicated to convincing people to buy homes that other people want to sell.  But, if you are thinking about selling your home independent of realtors, do not despair, it can be done, and it can be done well. is one of the premier online companies that specializes in helping individuals sell their properties online.  They provide a simple to navigate system which helps the novice sellers to maximize their exposure and make their home look as attractive to perspective buyers as possible.

In addition to’s excellent virtual tour service, which allows potential buyers to take a tour of your home via the internet, the site provides a blog with plenty of tips and support for the sellers.  The blog offers advice for sellers, to help them understand how to get the most out of the virtual tour feature that the site offers.  As we all know, knowing how to use the tools you are given is the first step in successfully using them!

In addition to advice about using the website, the blog can provide first-time sellers with useful information that will help them to avoid some of the common mistakes that are made by independent sellers.  Bloggers cover issues as diverse as challenges of moving with pets, how exactly to begin organizing yourself for a full-house move, as well as how to avoid being scammed by moving companies.  For those who have never been through the process before,’s blog is a lifesaver.  Reading through it in advance of a move will not only make sellers more savvy, but also more confident and ready to handle any challenges that do arise.

Taking advantage of the experiences of previous users, first-time sellers working with often come back to become second-time sellers, having enjoyed the first experience so much.  These individuals are welcome to contribute their own tips and advice to the site, becoming knowledgeable and helpful bloggers in their own right.  As technology advances, works to keep up, constantly updating its available features and level of quality in order to provide both buyers and sellers with the best experience possible.  This experience is further improved by the timely tips and advice provided by the site’s bloggers.

Below are our prices.

Screen Shot 2012 07 06 at 5.22.44 PM You Can Sell Your Home Online, With Help From Pixloo

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