You Can Sell Your Home Online, With Help From Pixloo

Anyone who has ever tried to sell anything at all online knows that it is a tough world.  It always seems like there is someone out there who has the same thing, but in better condition and for a better price.  Worse is when it seems like the really amazing thing that you have to sell is not actually very interesting for other people.  The same frustrations come up when it comes to selling your house online, except the stakes are higher.  As with selling anything online, a lack of success in selling your home is usually not because no one wants it, but because it was not marketed as well as it could have been.

The real estate market is tough.  This is why there is a whole profession dedicated to convincing people to buy homes that other people want to sell.  But, if you are thinking about selling your home independent of realtors, do not despair, it can be done, and it can be done well. is one of the premier online companies that specializes in helping individuals sell their properties online.  They provide a simple to navigate system which helps the novice sellers to maximize their exposure and make their home look as attractive to perspective buyers as possible.

In addition to’s excellent virtual tour service, which allows potential buyers to take a tour of your home via the internet, the site provides a blog with plenty of tips and support for the sellers.  The blog offers advice for sellers, to help them understand how to get the most out of the virtual tour feature that the site offers.  As we all know, knowing how to use the tools you are given is the first step in successfully using them!

In addition to advice about using the website, the blog can provide first-time sellers with useful information that will help them to avoid some of the common mistakes that are made by independent sellers.  Bloggers cover issues as diverse as challenges of moving with pets, how exactly to begin organizing yourself for a full-house move, as well as how to avoid being scammed by moving companies.  For those who have never been through the process before,’s blog is a lifesaver.  Reading through it in advance of a move will not only make sellers more savvy, but also more confident and ready to handle any challenges that do arise.

Taking advantage of the experiences of previous users, first-time sellers working with often come back to become second-time sellers, having enjoyed the first experience so much.  These individuals are welcome to contribute their own tips and advice to the site, becoming knowledgeable and helpful bloggers in their own right.  As technology advances, works to keep up, constantly updating its available features and level of quality in order to provide both buyers and sellers with the best experience possible.  This experience is further improved by the timely tips and advice provided by the site’s bloggers.

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Screen Shot 2012 07 06 at 5.22.44 PM You Can Sell Your Home Online, With Help From Pixloo

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Why Use

The company that was created to ease the needs of individuals that look for property constantly has enjoyed a wide following in the few years that it has been in the market. Most critics say that this is just like any other company that creates a blog site that is just about popularizing itself in the main stream market. This is actually untrue as this one of kind creation was well thought out before its inception the creators had a smaller blog site that they did their market research well enough to know that a place where anyone would be able to buy property is one of the things people needed.

Screen Shot 2012 07 06 at 5.20.59 PM Why Use

The question that lingers in most people’s minds is why should they choose for all their property needs? First of all if you are trying to sell your house, office or you are just looking for someone to rent it, advertising anywhere else other than online is just like playing music to a deaf person. The old days of advertising property on the local newspapers or the radio or even the yellow pages passed a long time ago and if you are still stuck in the past advertising on those forms of media you will loses a lot of money for no reason. No offence or disrespect to the newspapers or yellow pages but the world has just evolved so much that the age is out of here.

You can list your property online at anytime using our real estate friendly site to help you sell your properties online.  We export to the majority of the top real estate sites out there depending on if you have an account on  If you don’t we export to several different sites.  Basically, we export to as many different properties as we possibly can so that your house will get sold as quickly as possible.

Listing your real estate’s or any other property on the World Wide Web is the way to go and that is why one should use The advantages of advertising are just never ending one of them being that it is one of the cheapest means of advertising such that can charge you as cheap as a penny to advertise your property. Another advantage is that almost the whole world is on the internet and if someone is looking for anything they do not go to the classifieds or any other means they always go to the internet to see what they are looking for. has made it possible for the people who want property to have kind of a one stop shop.

If you don’t want to go the Real Estate Agent route you should consider purchasing a account online.  By doing this you will be listed in the same places that Real Estate Agents list their properties.  A account will allow you to get on very high trafficked sites like and many other sites that get a lot of people coming to them.


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What is All About?

Screen Shot 2012 07 06 at 5.17.28 PM What is All About? is a company that was started in the year 2012 in Orem. Most people have been having a problem when it comes to looking for property and things like houses; one has to go all around with a car or by foot to look for houses or property such as offices. This is a very hard thing to do and a very time consuming thing it also it also strains ones pocket as you will have to use a lot of fuel to move around and also food as your body will be strained while you walk around looking for property.

In the days that passed this was made easy by other people by positing their property on billboards in supermarkets and other shopping malls, this has been destroyed as you will have to drive many miles before you find what you want property wise. This was let down by most shopping mall attendants putting a higher price on the property so as to satisfy themselves with the high pay, this relay strained most of the property buyers and they never knew what to do to help them out of this. As everyone knows the economy in this day and age is just bad and no one wants to be in the predicament of their money being swindled, but now you should not worry as there is now a solution to this. came up with this generous idea of making a blog site that will help people who want to look for property, their main mission is to help the world to sell their properties online. We provide and easy to use solution that exports your property across the web allowing your property to be in front of millions of people every day.Screen Shot 2012 07 06 at 5.17.00 PM What is All About?

Most people have found it easy to look for property now as they can now get all the property that they want all at one place and all at good prices with no added value. Many sites have kind of the same thing but they charge a lot of money to keep up the site and this keeps the customers in a bad place as the customer has to pay double which is to pay the property owner and the site.

Pixloo is an online real estate service that offers users the ability to upload photos, videos, and information about your property or properties to help sell your property online. We give you the tools that you need to get your property in front of more people at a cost that won’t break the bank. The other thing that kills most people who are looking for property are that they cannot relay see what they are buying but this is not so when it comes to as this site gives you the chance to see the whole property in 3D form. This is one in a lifetime chance for anyone who wants to buy a property to have all the details plus the viewing of the property all at the comfort of their home.


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What Does Offer?


Screen Shot 2012 07 06 at 5.15.36 PM What Does Offer? offers a new thing that most people have been dreaming of for a very long time, they have made it possible for people to buy property such as offices, houses and other property that most people have a hard time to look for. They also give one a chance to see the whole property on the internet and this makes it easy for one to choose property easily.

Among this things also offers visual aids that helps one to see all the everything, It is true that one of the best ways to market your home to potential buyers is make your listing visually appealing. These days it would be out of the ordinary for a buyer to visit a property without first previewing it. Using pictures is a great way to invite a buyer to see if your home could be their future home. However, with the technology available today through, there is no reason to stop simple pictures. Why not do you a favor and turn those pictures in to a virtual tour?

Above of all this is not only a blog site to help people to find property it also helps you find the exact thing you want. You can input the exact thing that you want such as were the property should be and how it should look like, what kind of design you want it to be in and the price range that you would be comfortable with.

If you are an investor and you want to invest in a certain part of the country you will need a lot of money to put in the property that you will use to set up your companies and this property should be a high class so as to enable your business to be seen as a high class business. is a blog that not only offers low grade and medium property but also offer high class property. When one says high class property one could ask what makes a certain property to be known as a high class property.

Most properties are said to be high class because of the place that they have been build at, Location matters very much when it comes to good property and property that is near major business towns will always sell at a higher cost than the properties that are sold in country sides. The other thing that makes a property be termed as a high class property is the architect that designs the property, Most properties are designed just by any tom, dick or harry but higher property is very hard to be found to be designed by just any architect but they are made by many well known architects and this makes the property not only a beautiful building but also a good art work. has made the buying of property one of the easiest thing to do and it has revolutionized the property buying sector and not only that as they have revolutionized the blogging era that most people thought to be just a diary for people.



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Pretty Much Awesome Virtual Tours

Depositphotos 5323819 XS Pretty Much Awesome Virtual ToursOther than being just a property guide is also a blog site that most people contribute and tell of how one can create such a spectacle as some of the massages conveyed include massages of virtual tour that is on

Businesses of today have the mind of setting up new technologies towards their businesses so that their businesses can grow in this competitive technology oriented market. Virtual tour is a new technology which is not used by many companies today and because of that, companies using it are greatly becoming an attraction point among the rest as it is a revolutionary way of doing business according to new research.

it has become normal for a customer to check the details about the restaurant or the hotel on the internet to find more about the place they are going to stay Now, real estate industry is the one which is using this technology, but the advantages are not just limited to the real estate industry as it is being used In the real estate market and the restaurant businesses and also in tourism as it helps tourist to know what to expect when they get to the destination they are going to.

This can be seen by recent WebPages that have been put up by and popular restaurants are seeing the addition of virtual tour simulation to the list. With the help of these virtual tour videos, the customer will have an idea about the surroundings of the hotel and where they are going to spend the holidays. More hotels and restaurants are planning to add the feature to the website to attract more customers to them.

The virtual world is even pulling people of local decants to use it such as schools that have used it and others universities that use this just to show the students what the school looks like and what they can expect when they get there.

The thing that is pulling so many companies and individuals to use these virtual aspect of advertising is not the price rage but the quality of the images that are produced in this videos and how clear they are and the fact that one can see the video with a 360 degree angle one feels as if they are really there and this not only increases consumers but makes one’s company look high class and it gain’s respect from its competitors.

Most hotels and real estate sellers have been changing their advertising methods to this and it seems to be working. A consumer can choose all the specific things that they want in the house that they will buy or even the room that they want to stay in the hotel and they will be shown exactly how it will look right in front of their eyes from their computers. This means that one of the starters of this virtual tour have not only revolutionized the advertising industry but have also made a huge impact in the whole business world with their new mind blowing idea.




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Real Estate Video Marketing Success

black blog keys Real Estate Video Marketing SuccessIn this ever evolving world people always find a new way to grasp the market, most of the people this days have turned to video marketing. Video marketing is growing like sand storms all over the world, most of the people who practice real estate buying and selling use video marketing and most of them have derived their ideas from web pages that have made this sort of marketing strategy a popular means for everyone in the real estate business, online marketers such as that has given the real estate market a platform to use their video marketing. If you are a business man who deals in real estate and you have not yet turned to video marketing you should ask your market level will decrease by a very large margin if you do not.

Starting a video marketing campaign is very easy and it only takes very simple steps that are as follows:

Step 1: Know what you want out of it

Most would think of this like just something your teacher told you to motivate your grades but it is actually a very valid point, one should know what kind of market they want to attract and if they attract that market what they will do with it.

Step 2: Begin with the end

Sound not so business smart but one needs to make some accomplishments so as to have a great video campaign. These accomplishments may include; Search Engine Optimization, listing plans, the brand that one will use, and even the generation that the advertisements are set for.

Step 3: Keyword Research

This seems like a hard thing at first but it is very simple all you have to do is come up with a key word density that you will use in your video marketing you can be shown how to do all this things when you open an account with as it is one the leading video marketing online companies that boast of high key word providers.

These key words will help your business be seen more often in the World Wide Web so after you have completed the key word search and you know which key words you will use you should go and do some search of those key words on search engines to know just how many companies use the same key word. The less a key word is used the more probability that your company will be seen on search engines.

Step 4: Video type to use in the marketing has many ways that one can use video types, these videos have a difference such that other is just normal videos and other is 3-D that can be seen in the 360 degrees. You just need to pick which type of video you are going to use and then create a render way that can be used. has given the real estate market a way to show what they have to offer and they have shown the buyers there is a way to see all their property and it has revolutionized the real estate advertising market.






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Real Estate Virtual Tour Making

The people who are looking for the real estate virtual tour making should consider the important points that are essential for the professional virtual tour making. When looking for these important points should use the information that is available online. Otherwise you can use the text books and general books that are available in the markets.

Many people in the world have become more dependent on the internet that they are on food, if every individual in the world was given a choice on what to give up food or internet most of the people would be left in a predicament this is because people live all their lives on the internet they communicate on the internet, watch their best music videos and listen to all their favorite songs on the internet they order food on the internet they practically live all their lives in the internet and that is why has decided to cater for all this people by setting up this site that will help all the people that want to purchase property online and want to advertise online all their property.

Depositphotos 1923061 XS Real Estate Virtual Tour MakingMany people have been dependent on their laptops and computers to do their things and most of the property sales men have turned to the internet especially well known and good sites such as The real estate virtual tours are modern techniques to sell the homes but there are applications that are used to increase the utility and function of the real estate virtual tours. Among the best methods and techniques the Interactive house tours, Professional Photography and 3-D flooring plans are important. We will discuss all these techniques one by one.

Interactive house tours: people who want to buy the property would want to know the person that is selling to him of her the property that is why has come up with this part of the virtual tour.

Professional Photography: It is also required to make the impressive real estate virtual tours. The real estate companies can hire the professional photographers for this purpose. There are some important considerations that should be kept in mind while hiring the professional photographs. Check the experience of the photographers because it is important.

3-D flooring Plans: The world is turning to 3 dimensional viewing so even this site has turned to this technology they have improvised in such a way that one can see the property that they want to buy and they can view it as if they are really there.  Use of 3-D technology will be a good idea. Remember, 3-D technology makes the things more prominent and attractive. It is very difficult to capture the photographs from different angles that give 3-D preview. These previews are important and useful to impress the viewers so you should use the 3-D photographing. has made the world of real estate advertising to be in another league all by itself. It has made the internet a new place and it will take a long time before anyone passes how far has gone.





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Everyone depends on the internet today for everything especially on search engines, over 22 billion searches are conducted yearly on real estate related keywords and the number of real estate online sellers out here is in their thousands. If you walk around and do sort of a survey you will be shocked to find out that 9 in every 10 in every home buyers used the internet in one way or another in the gathering of information for their house or any other property that they may own that includes ranch houses, offices and even big buildings in big cities.

Most of the searching that we do on the internet comes up to nothing and we find ourselves in the same hole of questions but 99% of the people who use the internet for their real estate searches have said that their internet search has come up to be successful and helpful to them in one way or the other as the internet has become the best place for one to find home and real estate buyers.

The internet is a very effective way when it comes to home buyers but many would ask after one gets the property online what you do with the information. Well a research was dome and 45% of the people who use the internet for buying homes after they see what they like walk through an online house viewing, 29% of them look for the contacts of the agent in charge of the property and they communicate with them and 21% take the initiative and get in their cars and go to view the hose for themselves.

This gives one an idea of how the internet is effective when it comes to property and house sales. If you have a house and you are planning to sell it you should ask yourself one vital question, is your house or property listed online? There are so many places on the web that you can list your home or property online there are thousands of places actually that have a combined view of millions every month.

Depositphotos 5999234 XS Introducing

Before listing a property online you should ask yourself, what sells a home? If you ask many buyers and professionals a buyer must be connected in a way with the property to want to buy it. Almost 99% of the people who search for houses online would like to see a photo or photos of the house and 88% of these find a virtual tour to be more satisfying. The question you should ask yourself is if your Ad is emotionally connecting with the buyer?

If it is not then that’s where jumps in and it provides professional virtual tours these tours include photos of the property, videos and even maps of the property and information about the price of the property. What makes the it site when it comes to all your property needs apart from all this features is that they offer all this at a very low price its free and this is not all as it exports you listing to all real estate sites and to all search engines which means you do not have to do it manually by yourself. it is also good because you can view the listings on on any device be it an I pad a computer or even a phone which is good because as many as 10% of house listing are viewed on mobile phones, they also boost of a large following I social media with up to 640 million views on Face book and 175 million views on tweeter what more would you need when advertising your property offers all you would want it is sort of a one stop shop open an account today on and get your property going.




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How to Share A Virtual Tour Online on is an online based kind of advertising platform that was created in the year 2010; this is one of the most revolutionary sites ever made so far. It has many features and like a normal blog you can share all the information you want to the customer you are hoping to lour in to purchase your property but this is no ordinary Depositphotos 3230297 XS How to Share A Virtual Tour Online on Pixloo.comblog site at all as you can show one a virtual tour of the property that they want to purchase before they do so. Most people find this feature to b amazing only thing is they do not know how to use it, so how do you share a virtual tour?

It’s simple you just have to browse around the internet for a company that has a virtual service and use their service to upload your own virtual tour, with all the number of companies coming up on the internet that offer most people tours of either cars, land and property using the virtual service the internet has become a very popular place to find very many means when it comes to going virtual, it has spread like a disease in all countries and now all people have the confidence that the only thing that will make your advertising web page of blog page visited more is if you can offer the consumer a way to see the products as if they were holding them.

One has to look at some aspect of things before relaying on a company for virtual services, one has to make sure that the company that they are about to invest their money in is a legit company and not a hoax. Most posers out there know the amount of business that virtual service providers get and most want to cash in on the people who are not very attentive when it comes to choosing the service to use.

The second thing one should do after verifying that the company is totally legit is get the value of the money that you have invested in. There are many different features available presently for different themes to use while coming up with a virtual tour. Some entail the use of photographs, others the use of videos and others the use of 360 degree tours. Each of these types of virtual tours is priced differently and depending on the quality of work produced in each, the cost may be higher or lower and someone should familiarize themselves well with that sort of thing so as to avoid the chance of being charged more for work that can be done for a low price.

If you want quality work you need to be patient first and you need to be ready to use a lot of money in the process, a good thing to do is to always use a well recognized company rather than just any normal person on the internet just posing as a creator yes it will cost you a fortune to create with a large company but it is better to be safe than sorry.




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How Pixloo Helps You Build Your Sellers Buyers List

Depositphotos 2194287 XS How Pixloo Helps You Build Your Sellers Buyers ListReal estate is one of most growing markets in the world and very many people have tuned to online marketing for all their wants and this has proven to be a simple and very effective turn of events as most of the real estate marketers have enjoyed a large growth in the main stream media and this growth has not deteriorated in the years that have passed. The only thing that has made a difference in the online real estate marketing sector is how the businesses will increase their number of buyers and how the buyers will increase the number of sellers so as to cater for all the people in need of real estate.

There are many ways that one can add the number of buyers or sellers in the market has made ways that can help one do this. Here are some Methods to build your Buyers and Sellers List:

Generating different keywords:

Most businesses use a certain key word program and this key words are not changed in this businesses at all but now dose not only give you the chance to advertise your real estate online but they give businesses a chance to market themselves on the web in the search engines and if one can get good key words they can be found in the top of search engines. Most of the businesses have used the same key words all along and this is not that advisable as many businesses are coming up on the internet and the key words that were used a year ago are lost in the search engines. One should change the key words of their businesses this will put them higher in search engines and they will have a growing market base.

Make the articles with squeezes pages:

This is a way of getting all your information on the pages and you can do this in a very simple way.  It is not easy to convey your entire message and that is way most are shown how to squeeze the massage in a single page this dose not only save you a lot of writing time but also makes it easier for prospective buyers to read your materials at one go.

Make the page readable and easy:

Most businesses have the notion that a reader wants to see how well they command their English and that this will reflect on how well the business is, on the contrary this is wrong as many customers want an easy advertisement even if it is on real estate they want something that is short and easily readable and can be read fast most buyers of property do not have the time to sink in their teeth on hard to grasp vocabulary and this is why most of the small business grow as they do not try too hard.

All this things can be made possible to any real estate buyer or seller if they just follow to the advice that is given out by and not only do they advice you on how to increase  your market but they also give you a platform to do it.

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